Video Conference

Wireless Internet, Bluetooth and projectors are standard equipment at a regular conference nowadays, but what is the next big thing within the technical development? At Hotel Riverton we know! That's why we, as the first hotel and conference center in Gothenburg, have installed two new video conferencing solutions, featuring high-definition video.

Our video conferencing solutions are from the highly regarded Tandberg company and are built with the latest technology in video conferencing.

High-definition video, crystal clear sound and a "face-to-face" feeling are some of it's features. Both of our systems are connected to a network with a dedicated bandwidth to give us the best possible quality.

Our video conference center consists of one studio solution and one mobile solution. The studio solution has been installed in our new boardroom/studio, where the whole room has been designed to meet the high demands that an advanced video conference requires. The mobile unit can be mounted in most of our larger conference rooms and are suited for larger parties/groups and in connection with seminars where guest speakers might participate.

Boardroom Studio

Our new boardroom/studio is specially designed for the future of meetings - video conferencing. It is luxuriously decorated with comfortable chairs and a specially constructed table. This studio is suited for video conferences with 2-8 persons. Your meeting can of course be recorded and/or broadcasted.

Mobile Studio

Our mobile studio can be moved and mounted in most of our larger conference rooms, which makes it suitable for use by larger parties/groups. The mobile studio also works great if you wish to broadcast a meeting to colleagues in other countries, who are not able to participate in the meeting.

Board room