Menu suggestions for evening events

Menu I

Reindeer steak seasoned with rosemary, served with roasted hazelnuts, a mixed salad and lingonberry syrup
Cured back of coalfish with a saffron risotto, shellfish-fried vegetables and a butter-blended sauce of tomatoes and celery
A white and dark chocolate mousse with an exotic fruit salad and banana crisps

Menu II

A Shrimp tart with dark rye bread, trout roe and a herb salad
Honey-baked breast of duck with salvia-cooked vegetables, truffle gravy and pommes Anna
Orange parfait with meringue, almond cracking and dark chocolate sauce

Menu III

Duck liver terrine with a compote of dried fruit, herb-flavoured croutons and salad
Witch flounder with stuffing of shellfish, served with dill-glazed vegetables, crunchy lemon potatoes and a lobster sauce
Pistage dacquoise with cinnamon-cooked berries and a vanilla and lemon cream

Menu IV

Smoked salmon with a cucumber and fennel salad, cheese dressing and salted pine nuts
Grilled entrecote of veal with garlic-fried mushrooms and vegetables, herb-roasted potatoes and a port-wine gravy
A raspberry sweet with lemon and liquorice ice-cream with sesame cracking

2 course 331:- excl vat (370 :- incl vat)
3 course 411:- excl vat (460 :- incl vat)
Min. 15 persons, and only one menu