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Hotel Riverton, Gothenburg


Environmental Policy

Hotel Riverton’s Environmental Policy

At Hotel Riverton, we work to continuously improve our environmental performance of all the hotel's operational activities to reduce our environmental impact. Our certification is by Svensk Miljöbas and the renewal of the certification takes place on an annual basis and is performed by the City of Gothenburg. 

We are working to continuously improve the environmental performance of all the hotel´s operational activities to reduce our environmental impact. Our certification is by the Swedish Environmental Base standard. The standard for operations is based on the key elements in ISO 14 001, but with simplified requirements for documentation, and focuses on actual environmental improvements and open environmental reporting. The renewal of the certification takes place on an annual basis and is performed by the City of Gothenburg.

Our overall goal as a hotel is to reduce our environmental impact while maintaining a high standard and quality for you as a guest. So, while you stay with us, we aim to do everything we can for you to enjoy your stay whilst working on reducing our environmental impact.

Please read more below of how you can support us in our endeavor to work more sustainably.


  • We use pump bottles for shampoo, shower gel, and lotions in the room to reduce plastic waste.
  • Biodegradable soap, shampoo, and conditioner in hotel rooms and public bathrooms. 
  • No plastic wrapping of guest amenities. Such as tops, cotton pads, etc. 
  • In-room laundry bags are made of cotton instead of plastic.
  • Linen is changed every second day, to save both water and energy.
  • LED lighting throughout the Hotel.
  • Light motion sensors in public bathrooms.
  • Lighting in the rooms is turned on / off by slotting your key card into a key holder by the door.
  • Energy-efficient machinery in cooling towers, laundry, and hotel water tanks. 
  • Floor zoning during periods of lower demand, allowing closure of individual floors to save energy consumption.
  • Lighting and ventilation are on a timer for public spaces.
  • Preference is given to suppliers whose values of sustainability are compatible with our own.
  • All rubbish accumulated at the hotel is sorted at the source.
  • Converted to non-plastic Straws.
  • Cleaning is done with respect for the environment.
  • Reduction of the amount of detergent used by using microfibre cloths and we only use environmentally certified cleaning products.
  • Washing is carried out with high environmental standards both on-site and via our suppliers.
  • Offer guests three electric car charging points.
  • All electricity is from renewable sources.
  • All duvets and pillows are from Norsk Dun, which are produced in Norway and certified by:
    • Downafresh - meets EU requriement EN 12935
    • Oeko Tex Standard 100 stamp of approval
    • Nordic Ecolable: Svanenmärkt 
    • Norwegian Asthma and Allergy Association
    • Downpass - certifiecs etchically sourced down feathers from strictly monitored suppy chains.
  • Towels and terry-products produced in Portugal and certified with BCI (Better Cotton Initiative)
  • 100% Egyptian Cotton Bed Linens produced in Croatia and certified with BCI (Better Cotton Initiative).
  • Staff clothing is designed in Gothenburg and produced within the EU, thus complying with EU regulations regarding health, safety, and environmental principles. 
  • DUX Beds
    • Our hotel beds have the Oeko Tex Standard 100 stamp of approval. Which means that we guarantee our guest toxin-free beds. 
    • They are produced in Sweden, constructed with Swedish pine wood for the frame and Swedish steel for the springs.
  • Dyson Airbalde sinks in public toilets which are touchless. They produce up to 85% less CO2 than some other hand dryers and up to 85% less than paper towels (Dyson, 2021).


We believe beauty and health come from within, but the products we put on our skin may have great impacts on our well-being. Quality, Sustainability, and Trust are keywords for us when looking for the perfect products for you to pamper yourself with when staying with us. Therefore, we have carefully selected Rituals as our amenity products. 
We solely use Rituals products in our rooms, spa, and public bathrooms. This is because they ensure that all their rinse-off formulas can be flushed down the drain without harming the environment (readily biodegradable). All products are free from microplastics or microbeads and use natural alternatives such as sea salt, bamboo, sugar, and pumice (volcanic rock) instead. They are furthermore paraben-free, silicone-free, cruelty-free, from sustainably managed forests, made in European factories, and abide by European regulations. We use their refill collection to reduce the amount of packaging, product, and plastic waste whilst we are simultaneously aiming to remove all unnecessary single-use products on our property.

DUX Beds

Our objective is to provide our guests with a good night’s sleep when staying with us. And to do so, the bed is a very essential piece of the puzzle. 

DUX beds are scientifically proven to provide up to 10% more deep sleep per night*.        
Researchers at The Karolinska Institute completed a study examining the effect different types of mattresses had on the body and sleep quality. Their results revealed that those who slept on a DUX bed not only fall asleep faster but remained in deep sleep longer - approximately one hour more each night. 

*BRL, 1985, 1989 (Bed Research Laboratory, Associate Professor Evert Knutsson, Associate Professor Sven Engdahl)

Toxin-free beds produced in Sweden
All our hotel beds have the Oeko Tex Standard 100 stamp of approval. This certificate means that the DUX beds we have meets strict human-ecological requirements by being completely free of any unhealthy or harmful substances. Which ensures that we guarantee our guest's toxin-free beds.
They are produced in Sweden and are constructed with Swedish pine wood and Swedish steel. 

Gothenburg – The worlds most sustainable destination 

Our lovely city Gothenburg is ranked as the most sustainable city in the world according to the Global Destination Sustainability Index (2016, 2017, 2018, 2019). ( if you wish to discover more about our destination and its sustainability efforts please click here: 


  • Using public transport during your visit to Gothenburg
  • Following the instructions of the sign in the bathroom of when to change your towels.
  • Not using water unnecessarily
  • Turning off the light / remove the key from the key holder when leaving your hotel room.
  • Not throwing foreign objects, such as sanitary towels, cotton swabs, tampons, etc. into the toilet. There is a basket for this purpose in the bathroom.
  • Please return your room key after your stay – by doing this we can together reduce the production of plastic cards