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Serenity Spa & Gym

At Hotel Riverton, we care about your well-being and want to you be able to relax and recover and at the same time achieve results that can stimulate continuous exercise and health even though you’re not home. 

Give yourself a break and unwind in our new Serenity Spa when staying with us in Gothenburg. Enjoy the inviting atmosphere and recover in our indoor pool, aromatherapy, steam or dry sauna or relax at your own pace in our Spa Lounge. We also offer a brand-new gym with the latest cardio machines from Precor, free weights and cardio technology from Preva. 

Serenity Spa at Hotel Riverton, Gothenburg

Serenity Spa

Relax and rejuvenate in our aesthetically simple and serene Spa. A place for your stress levels to drop and your well-being and creativity to increase.

Serenity Gym

A trip away from home doesn’t need meaning missing your workouts (unless that’s exactly what you want). Simply head down to our new, stylish, fully equipped gym.

We are a modern and elegant spa hotel in Gothenburg that has created a place that will lower your stress levels and increase your well-being and creativity. Relax in our heated indoor pool, enjoy our experiential showers and saunas, or unwind at your own pace in our Spa Lounge. 

The design is focusing on earthy tones and materials that create a soothing atmosphere, we want you to feel harmony in order to let go of your everyday life for a while. It is aesthetically simple and calm to help you focus on your health and relaxation. 

Immerse yourself in our inviting indoor pool, enjoy experience showers and saunas, or relax at your own pace in our Spa Lounge. We offer three different saunas: aromatherapy, hammam, and dry sauna. Our aromatherapy sauna is used to enhance your mood, relax your body, or tune your mind. The essential oils are absorbed into the bloodstream and metabolized in the body, resulting in health benefits. Meanwhile, the hammam helps you relieve stress, improves your skin health, and body cleansing. 

Serenity Spa at our hotel offers the following facilities: 


Slip into the warm and glittering turquoise water located beneath impressive marble vaults, this is a pool ideal to relax and rejuvenate in. With its organic shapes and a temperature of 37 degrees, it is a truly unique experience. Sit back and enjoy in style on the different levels, taking in the warm and lush aesthetics of this stunning spa. Why not just float and forget the outside world for a bit? 


The atmosphere and aromas in this fantastic sauna boost your energy levels whilst enhancing mindfulness. A modern hybrid between a dry and a steam sauna, with enchanting music and rejuvenating aromas, the temperature is 55 degrees with a humidity level of 45%. We find it perfect to unwind in and find an inner balance here, where the lighting, aromas, and warm temperature enfolds you to really settle down and relax. Feel the mental tensions slowly untangle with every deep breath, and your muscles relax from the heat… It is no wonder this has become a favorite amongst our guests. 


Our Hammam is a steam sauna that draws you away from reality for a bit. The thick steam, the temperature level at 45-50 degrees, and with a humidity level of 100%, it is a wonderful spot to revitalize and calm down in. The combination of heat and steam is a miracle cure for the skin and the soothing environment causes the body's stress levels to decrease. The heat in the steam relaxes tense muscles whilst the metabolism is stimulated, this is a sauna with many health benefits. 


From our dry sauna, you’ll have a blissful view over the pool with our one-way windows so that you still enjoy the sauna in privacy. The temperature is set between 70-80 degrees and a humidity level of 30%. Outside the sauna, you will find a rain shower with cold water, for the optimal sauna experience. We recommend varying your dry sauna with a cold shower as it will activate your blood vessels and enhance your overall experience. 
All types of saunas cleanse the body and skin of slag products. Therefore, it is very good to alternately scrub and shower to help remove what the body has cleansed away.


These elegant ceiling showers invite you to a modern shower experience, with 3 different types of jet streams, one of which is a waterfall setting. We invite you into a customized and untraditional shower experience. 


Our beautiful heated lounge beds are ergonomically shaped to hug the body and embraces you to full relaxation with their heated surface. With a glimmering golden wall behind you, the heat, and an enchanting view over the pool area, it is easy to lose track of both time and place here... It is no surprise these lounge beds have become a favorite amongst our customers. 


Start or end your journey by settling down in the relaxation area in your fluffy robe with a steaming cup of herbal tea or a glass of our chef’s detox water. Unwind in the stylish sofas or enjoy some time for yourself with a magazine or book in the sofas. Allow yourself a tranquil moment here, designed to reconnect and relax your mind, body, and spirit.


As a spa hotel in Gothenburg, we also offer the possibility to book a day spa if you want to pamper yourself or someone else for a while. We strive to meet the need for tranquility in harmonious and beautiful surroundings in a hectic everyday life. 

In order for the spa to maintain the quality of experience intended, we make sure to balance the number of visitors. This means that we have some limited and bookable times. Therefore, we recommend that you contact us well in advance if you wish to visit our Spa. 



Spa entrance is not included in the regular room rates, but we offer several packages and offers that have the spa entrance included. If you want to celebrate something special or have any special requests, you can always contact us by phone or email. 

Enjoying Serenity Spa for a romantic weekend in Gothenburg creates memories for life. It is also perfect to be able to end a busy day by relaxing in an elegant and mordern spa environment. 

Add a little extra sparkle to your everyday life by booking our Breakfast and Morning Spa package, which includes a hotel breakfast in Gothenburg and then heading down to enjoy our spa. Feeling harmony and forgetting the hustle and bustle of the city is not difficult surrounded by natural stone and elegant furnishings that allow the senses to rest. Welcome to our spa hotel in Gothenburg, where we strive to create holistic experiences beyond the ordinary in beautiful surroundings. 



The minimum age requirement to enter the Spa facilities is 18 years old, from 16 years old if accompanied an adult. Our spa is popular, to avoid disappointment, we highly recommend that you book Spa access well in advance, as we only have a limited number of places per time slot.


All our guests are most welcome to add access to their room key against a fee. Our Spa is located on the ground floor of the hotel. 

Serenity Spa by Riverton, Gothenburg
The Spa

Delicately designed to ensure the ultimate Spa experience for you and your fellow guests. 
Serenity Spa by Riverton is created to be your escape from a busy life into a tranquil and relaxing environment. Therefore, we kindly request that you respect the privacy and desire to relax in a quiet space of our other guests. We ask you to keep your bathing suit on at all times, to refrain from inappropriate behaviour and disturbing other guests enjoying the Spa. We also kindly request that you refrain from using your mobile phones in the Spa unless it has been put on silent mode. 
The Serenity Spa is popular; so, we recommend our guests to purchase and book your entry in advance to ensure availability during your stay. We urge that you leave valuables in your hotel room safe as the Hotel will not accept liability for any valuables brought to or left in the spa. 
The minimum age requirement to enter the Spa facilities is 18 years old, from 16 years old if accompanied an adult. 


The Gym

Crafted to ensure the best Gym experience for you and your fellow guests.
Please respect the other guests, phone calls should be taken outside the gym and when crowded please consider to share some of the equipment provided.
We understand you may be on a hectic schedule, but to ensure a good experience for everyone we kindly ask you to put the equipment back into its place and wipe all equipment down with the products provided after use. 
We urge that you leave valuables in your hotel room safe as the Hotel will not accept liability for any valuables brought to or left in the gym. The minimum age requirement to enter and use the Serenity Gym is 16 years old, from 14 if accompanied by an adult. 

How much does the spa at Riverton in Gothenburg cost?

All our guests are welcome to add Spa entrance to the key card for a fee from SEK 495 per person / day. Bookable times Monday - Sunday: 09:00-12:00, 12:00-15:00, 15:00-18:00 and 19:00-22:00. We also have several package offers that include spa in the price. If you book a Penthouse room, we offer the spa entry for free.
We recommend that you book Spa access in advance, send a request to and we will book you in subject to availability.

How much does a spa day at Riverton in Gothenburg cost?

If you wish to visit our spa without staying with us, our day spa offer is priced from SEK 595 per person / day. It is available to book Sunday - Thursday. To book day spa with us, please send a request to and we will book you in subject to availability.

Can I bring my child to the spa at Riverton in Gothenburg?

No, children are not allowed into our spa. The age limit to use Serenity Spa is 18 years, 16 years accompanied by a guardian.