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Best ideas for networking events and parties

Hotels in Gothenburg will not only get you well rested but most of them have also great spaces for networking…

Hotels in Gothenburg will not only get you well rested but most of them have also great spaces for networking events and parties equipped with everything you need to make your event a success. Hotels like the Hotel Riverton offer meeting and conference rooms for up to 600 delegates and can cater for any type of event. When making an enquiry, you will be assigned a personal conference co-ordinator who will put your mind at ease and help you set everything up.

There are many ways to create a unique event for your employees, customers, and potential customers. Hosting a business event is a great way to get in front of people and learn more about them at the same time. However, to achieve the most successful business event, there are some tips that may help you. Have a clear purpose and carry out an adequate preparation is the key. You also have to decide how many people you will invite and define the essence of the meeting – are you planning to create more of a sit-down environment? Or maybe a more freestyle and informal networking? –. Plan refreshments thoughtfully and keep them light and easy to eat.

  • Historic Attractions In Gothenburg

Some hotels, like the Hotel Riverton, are conveniently located nearby all the major attractions in the city. The Fish Church is just a five-minute stroll from the hotel. This historic landmark, built in 1874, was originally an auction place and a fish market. Today, it is home to seafood restaurants serving up dishes freshly caught from the sea. Another historic landmark is the Skansen Krona. This fortress dates back to 1687 and later on, it was used for emergency housing and as a prison. Currently, it is a military museum with war artifacts. In addition, you can capture the stunning panoramic view of the city from the Skansen Krona. You can further explore the city’s history and culture with a visit to the Haga historic district. Step back in time with its quaint wooden houses and cobblestoned streets with open-air markets, trendy cafes and chic boutiques.

  • More Fun Things To Do In Gothenburg

If you want to surprise your group you could take a ferry or cruise trip over to the Gothenburg Archipelago. These beautiful islands were once the location for duals during the Viking era. There are no cars, and the flat cliffs leading down to the water are picture-perfect for swimming and basking in the sun. Most of the cruise boats offer dining and entertainment on-board.

At Slottsskogen Park, there is plenty to do in Gothenburg’s shady forest. Visit the Natural History Museum, the Childrens Zoo or go off exploring the local and at times excotic flora and fauna. There are plenty of areas perfect for picknicks or just for a relaxing day in the sun. During the spring and summers the park is a popular venue for concerts, music festivals and art installations.

Find fun for all ages at the Liseberg Amusement Park. From thrilling roller-coasters and childrens’ rides to musical entertainment, this park has it all. From November every year, visitors can also enjoy the traditional Swedish Christmas market with winter activities and yummy treats, this will definitaley get you into the christmas spirit!

  • Shopping And Dining In Gothenburg

Kungsgatan is a long pedestrian street famous for its cafes, restaurants and shopping. There is a nice lineup of local and international brands along with vintage bookstores and jewelry shops. Avenyn is the city main street that spans from the water’s edge to Götaplatsen Square and is popular for its designer shops and restaurants. The city center is also home to the Gothenburg Museum of Art. Besides, in Saluhallen, there a variety of food stalls serving up freshly baked breads, regional cheeses and yummy pastries to satisfy those foodie taste buds.

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