Top team building activities in Sweden

Top team building Activities in Sweden

Is your team struggling to bond? Did the merger create new tensions instead of new opportunities? Or…

Is your team struggling to bond? Did the merger create new tensions instead of new opportunities? Or maybe you're a tight team looking to blow off some steam. Whatever your reasons for seeking team building activities in Sweden, here are seven exercises that are sure to bring you closer than ever.

  • Kayaking

Nothing will inspire camaraderie more than working together to navigate the waters of the Southern Goteborg Archipelago. It's so large that you'll have your choice of gentle waves or turbulent rivers, making it perfect for mixed company that includes both first-time kayakers and experienced athletes.

  • Segway Tours

Gothenburg is a city where cars are kept to a minimum; many citizens travel by bus, tram or simply on foot. If you don't feel like physically logging the miles, however, you and your group can hop onto Segways for a more relaxing tour. Not only will they keep you cool and refreshed during a Swedish summer, but they're also just plain fun to operate!

  • Treks

Get out of the office with a trip to the Scandinavian mountains. They're made up of everything from glaciers to fjords, and you can find a variety of paths, trails and hikes for visitors of all fitness levels. Scale a simple hill for a beautiful sunrise. Test your group with a challenging trek among cliffs and rock formations or go for gold by ascending to the very peak of Kebnekaise.

  • Roller Coasters

Adrenaline brings people together, and you'll find it in spades at amusement parks like Liseberg. Voted one of the best parks in the world by several different traveling magazines, it offers wooden, steel and even hydraulic-launch roller coasters in addition to all of your standard Ferris wheels and drop towers. If you're looking for thrills and chills to bond your team, you won't find a better place than Liseberg.

  • Ice Sculpting

If you're traveling to Sweden in the wintertime, you might discover that a lot of popular tourist attractions are closed for the season. But there's still a lot you can do even after the snow starts to fall! In addition to skiing and snowshoeing in some of the country's more remote areas, you can also find ice sculpting competitions everywhere, from small towns to major cities.

  • Bars

Socialization is the glue that holds a good group together, and you'll find plenty to talk about at places like the  Skybar at Hotel Riverton. With a great ambiance, fine cocktails and views that no one will ever forget, it's one of the best team building activities you can experience in Gothenburg.

  • Skydiving

If you're tired of dull, conventional getaways, try something completely different with a group skydiving session. There are even companies in Sweden that are devoted exclusively to skydiving as a corporate activity!

These are just seven great ways to foster trust among your team. Whether you're a newly-formed departmental committee or a longstanding group looking to shake things up on this year's corporate retreat, Sweden can offer adventure for everyone.

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