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Architecture in Gothenburg, an advocate of swedish architecture

When planning a visit to Gothenburg, don't miss the magnificent architecture throughout the city. Gothenburg…

When planning a visit to Gothenburg, don't miss the magnificent architecture throughout the city. Gothenburg ranks as the second largest city in Sweden and possesses the world’s most uniquely designed buildings. These buildings have been designed by architects such as Jan Izikowitz, Gert Wingardh, Victor von Gegerfeldt and Erik Dahlbergh. 

Hotel Riverton is one of Gothenburg’s popular hotels for travelers looking to stay close to many of Gothenburg’s attractions. This hotel provides a spectacular view of the Gothenburg architecture situated along the harbor. Some of these attractions include those located in the Haga District as well as retail shops and cafes, which are lined along Kungsgatan (King Street).

  • Historical and Modern Day Buildings

Gothenburg architecture includes the opera house, museums, the town hall, the concert hall, the fish market hall known as the Fish Church (Feskakyrkan) and an array of houses that exemplify the history that Gothenburg continues to treasure. When you’re ready to venture out on your city tour, watch for the beautiful designs of Sweden architecture, including these unique structures.

The Feskekorka - Built in the late 19th century, especially for the fishermans wifes so that they could sell the catch inside away from cold winter climate -  this building is now the primary location for seafood lovers. Still functioning as a fish market, you can enjoy a nice lunch if you’re in the mood for a fish entrée or purchase your favorite seafood to cook later.

Götaplatsen - This area is the central location for several notable historical attractions such as the Gothenburg Museum of Art, which houses various collections by Carl Larsson, Anders Zorn and Edvard Munch. The City Theatre also draws attention with its Backa Threatre, Stora Scen venue and spacious auditorium.

The Gothenburg Opera House - Located in the Lilla Bommen harbor, this building was constructed with a post-modernist design. The building has the seating capacity of 1,301 guests and has an expansive platform that accommodates a variety of theatrical and musical events

•The Lipstick at Lilla Bommen - This building is one of the tallest buildings in Gothenburg, located at the Lilla Bommen port. Referred to as “The Lipstick,” this building also resembles a stack of Legos with its red and white block-like features. Whilst only around 86 metres tall it is impressive due to the clay bog foundations Gothenburg sits upon The Lipstick is actually held up by 90 metre metal pillars. It is open daily during the summer and every weekend the rest of the year to allow visitors a tremendous view over the Gothenburg harbor and archipelago.

Gothenburg Town Hall - This historical landmark is well known for its late 17th century Gothenburg architecture, which also embodies contemporary amenities. Tourists are welcome to explore the cultural artifacts in the arts and crafts center or attend a performance in the concert hall. 

  • Reasons to Consider Touring Gothenburg Buildings

Sweden architecture is something to behold. These buildings tell a story of their own through their construction dates, original purpose and location. Whether you’re visiting Gothenburg for the first or second time, these buildings will grab your attention.

Overall, Gothenburg is a delightful city to visit any time during the year, but Sweden architecture is a major highlight. Although Gothenburg’s cultural and entertainment venues draw tourists to various events, Gothenburg’s buildings draw many visitors because of their amazing designs.

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