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Gothenburg: an expression of its history with the sea

Blame the Dutch, whose expertise in building up cities on marshland propelled the typical “canal town”…

Blame the Dutch, whose expertise in building up cities on marshland propelled the typical “canal town” urban organization of the city, when they were contracted to set the foundations of the western commercial settlement the kingdom needed.

Or blame the Swedish East India Company, a belated but successful intent to establish commercial ties with the far East. Enormous sailing ships would cross the seas to buy seeds, spices, ornamental articles and porcelain to satisfy the noble’s most fashionable desires in the 18th century.

One can even place the guilt upon some of the biggest and most important shipbuilding companies in the world until the 1970s, such as Eriksbergs Mekaniska Verkstad: due to an amazing profitability during World War II, which fostered great growth and recognition all over Sweden, working at this shipbuilding company became widely renowned as a “status job” in Gothenburg.

Or could one set aside the prominence of the second largest port in the Nordic countries? More than 11,000 ships per year pay a visit to the municipally owned harbour, which serves more than 140 destinations around the globe.

If you are still wondering how tight Gothenburg’s ties are to the sea, your only chance is to visit, watch and smell how water, canals, ships, docks and shores penetrate into the city’s daily life.

Be inspired by a gentle cruise along the historic center’s canals, lined with picturesque coloured houses.

Take your maritime knowledge to the next level by visiting the Maritime Museum, drenched in history and technical wonders of the naval world.

Visit the world’s largest wooden sailing ship to get a real insight of what it meant to be part of the expeditions that travelled all the way to China to bring back tons of spices and ornaments.

Or enjoy the majestic deployment of yachts that will touch Gothenburg coast in June 2015, competing in the Volvo Ocean Race.

Still not convinced? Then your palate may change your mind: Gothenburg offers some of the most tasteful sea food in Northern Europe, with outstanding restaurants facing the water. A way to feel the sea outside and inside.
Discover Gothenburg, discover a history of the sea.

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