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Gothenburg: city life along the river

There are many reasons why the city of Gothenburg attracts. The food, the cafés and the culture, but…

There are many reasons why the city of Gothenburg attracts. The food, the cafés and the culture, but one thing that might be a bit forgotten is its maritime heritage. Its location on the Swedish west coast, right where the salty sea meets the river Göta Älv, creates a particular maritime ambience that extends along the city and penetrates into the city’s daily life.

  • Maritime Heritage

The harbour of Gothenburg is the second largest port in Northern Europe and has more than 11,000 ships visits annually from 140 destinations around the world. The history of the port life and its relation with the city has left a mark in the city and without doubt, Gothenburg is charmingly different by the sea. There are plenty of activities related with boating and sea life that marks the annual agenda of the city.

Wishing to enjoy the maritime taste of the city? If you are thinking about nature and the fresh ocean breeze, you should take a ferry from the city centre and get lost in one of the 20 islands of the Archipelago. Visitors to the archipelago will be delighted by stunning landscapes, charming villages and delicious food.

If you prefer to take a deeper look of the world’s oceans you can visit the Maritime Museum and the Aquarium. Get stunned with the Nordic and tropical fascinating sea life and learn the secrets of the 400 years of Swedish shipping, including stories and objects from the port city of Gothenburg. The admission to the Maritime Museum and the Aquarium is included with theGöteborg City Card. The museum also offers activities for the whole family, historical guided tours and a small maritime-themed shop. In addition, visitors can enjoy one of the best view points of the port on the Gripsholm reading room.

  • Skeppsbron: Where The Sea Meets The City

Gothenburg has also plans for expanding the city on the south bank of the river with its new urban development project in the area of Skeppsbron. The city’s vision for the area is to become Gothenburg’s new meeting place by the river with quicker transport connections from the city centre to some of the largest islands in the archipelago.

The new developments include a new promenade alongside the river and 30 000 square meters for shops, restaurants and offices. This area has an exciting and great potential due to its close proximity both to the river and city centre.

  • Seafood

Seafood has an unquestionable importance in the Gothenburg culinary scene and is part of its maritime heritage. In fact, the city takes its seafood so seriously that the main market is placed in an ecclesiastical building, known as the Fish Church or Feskekôrka. Spots for having lunch or fika extends along the river and Gothenburg residents’ crowd along the river when the sun is warm and the weather conditions allow.

Gothenburg also offers a lot of good restaurants with delicious seafood, one of the emblems of the local gastronomy. The city is one the best places to enjoy all the culinary variety of the Swedish cuisine and what is for sure is that seafood lovers will never be bored in Gothenburg.

In addition, there are plenty of restaurants to choose from when it comes to a dinner or lunch overlooking the sea. View Skybar & Restaurant is one of the best options, located on the 12th floor of Hotel Riverton, it offers local and international cuisine with spectacular views of the Gothenburg harbour.

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