The Top Gothenburg Parks Guide

The Top Gothenburg parks Guide

When the sun is shining and the first warm breezes come to the city, there is no better plan than losing…

When the sun is shining and the first warm breezes come to the city, there is no better plan than losing yourself in one of the green parks and gardens in the city. Gothenburg has some popular green oases within walking distance and are perfect for picnics, relaxing with a good book or going for a walk in the open air. Moreover, Gothenburg celebrates 2016 as The Green Year: Gothenburg Green World , with a lot of green events and exhibitions planned during the whole year in Scandinavia’s premier parks. Spending time in green spaces is claimed to improve quality of life, so join all the green fans out there and start exploring the urban parks in Gothenburg!

Botanical Gardens.

This is one of the top local parks due to its dimensions: more than 170 hectares with around 16,000 species in the greenhouse areas making it one of the largest gardens in Europe. The Botanical is a well recognized green point of the city, with two stars in the Michelin Green Guide and close to the nature reserve Änggårdsbergen. There are daily guided tours during the summer season, where you will be able to see carnivorous plants, tropical orchids and the rare Easter Island tree, extinct in its natural environment. Moreover, there are a lot of activities  during all the year. With the Göteborg City Card, you will get free admission to the Botanical.

Garden Society of Gothenburg (Trädgårdsföreningen).

This wonderful garden located in the city centre is one of the best preserved 19th-century parks in Europe. The palm house, a beautiful greenhouse from 1878 inspired by Crystal Palace in London and with a jungle-like interior with Mediterranean plants, could be one of the Instagram favourites of the city. Its magnificent collection of thousands of roses and carpet beddings worth a visit. This cozy garden has a star in the Michelin Green Guide and plans special activities like the Midsummer celebration , a perfect occasion for enjoying the park whilst experience the traditional dance around the Maypole!


This is the main park of the city due to its dimensions and equipments as a recreation area. Slottsskogen will be particularly preferred by families with children thanks to the free mini zoo with farm animals and the large playground Plikta. There is also a 15-metre wall to climb and a lot of scheduled activities, like the Göteborg Blues Festival in July and the music festival Way Out West in August.

Urban farms and gardens

Urban farming and gardening in allotment gardens is a popular pastime in many corners of Sweden: as people want to have insight in where their food comes from. For that purpose, many residents share between them a piece of garden land cultivated with vegetables and fruits. The movement has become so popular in recent year that the Koloniträdgårdsförbundet (Association of Allotment Gardens) represents more than 25,000 members and 260 organizations, including gardening collectives and farming associations. During Gothenburg Green World 2016 there will be urban farming safaris, guided tours to explore urban farms and gardens of the city and you will also get to know more about food production and healthy living.

• Gunnebo house and gardens

These gardens are always open and they represent one of the finest 18th -century establishments in northern Europe. Gunnebo was conceived as a summer villa for the wealthy merchant John Hall. Nowadays is a vibrant cultural spot with guided tours and events scheduled (during the whole year. Free guided tour is included with the Göteborg City Card. The area has two stars in the Michelin Green Guide.

• Liseberg

Liseberg is more than just the iconic amusement park of Gothenburg. In fact, it is one of the largest parks in the city with a vibrant history inside its paths. During the years, it has been used as a pasture, tobacco plantation, a grand farm and a private garden. Nowadays it’s not only an amusement park, it also constitutes a great leisure area where the people of Gothenburg can enjoy the nature. Liseberg gardens are famous for its floral displays and oaks trees planted on this beautiful hillside. The gardens are being renewed with new spaces for the Gothenburg Green World 2016.


This park is located at Ramberget, Hisingen, and has a stunning view of the river and the city. This is the perfect spot for having a picnic with the best views of Gothenburg in front of you. The park is the perfect mix of landscape and natural forest.

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