Swedish Cuisine in Gothenburg

Gothenburg for foodies: explore the swedish cuisine

Gothenburg is a tasteful destination and one of the best representations of the Swedish cuisine. The…

Gothenburg is a tasteful destination and one of the best representations of the Swedish cuisine. The city offers all the culinary variety you can imagine: from gourmet dining restaurants to street food, trendy eateries and food trucks. What is for sure is that foodies will never be bored on Gothenburg. Get inside the experience of Swedish taste sensations!

Gourmet experience and affordable dining

In Gothenburg you will find many restaurants with a passion for local gastronomy. The options are endless, but all have one common mission: to ensure a perfect dining experience in Gothenburg.

Gothenburg’s foodie scene has grown during the past years: plenty of restaurants have been opened by young chefs that constitute to a new and exciting culinary generation. The city is a great showcase of the modern Swedish cuisine. Thus, Gothenburg was awarded in 2012 as the Culinary Capital of Sweden in recognition of its quality and fresh natural produce and reinforcing its status as the culinary city of Northern Europe.

This reputation as a gourmet destination has been earned thanks to the six Michelin star restaurants in Gothenburg. Despite its small size, Gothenburg has firmly been placed as a top destination on the culinary world map. These six Michelin star restaurants are part of the “Taste of Gothenburg”, an association composed by 46 restaurants with the aim to strengthen Gothenburg’s restaurant scene. The list of restaurants includes a great variety, from first class restaurants as the one Michelin star Restaurang 28+ to affordable fine dining options as the Riverton View Skybar & Restaurant, located on the 12th floor of Hotel Riverton and offering a Swedish/Asian fusion combined with stunning panoramic views over Gothenburg and the harbour.
Of course, in Gothenburg, food and design live in perfect harmony together. Here you can find a selection of restaurants, from the finest to the more affordable, where both the food and interior décor are worth a visit.

Street food markets and food trucks

There is a new way of enjoying the Swedish taste that is gaining multiple followers thanks to the food trucks and street food places that have blossomed across the city. The foodie fever finds its exponent in Gothenburg, with a lot of places with great food on four wheels. In the food trucks that can be found across the city you can find multiple tastes, from vegetarian, Ethiopian dishes to burgers, Mexican or Asian food. Other trucks also offer traditional Swedish and inexpensive food, such as Strömmingsluckan, placed in Magasinsgatan and where you can enjoy the local specialty, fried herring, a classic fish dish with pan fried breaded herring with potato mash and lingon-berries.

Make sure not to miss Stora Saluhallen in your culinary experience, a unpretentious, lively market located in the centre of Gothenburg. It is the biggest indoor market of the city and here you can find around forty shops and places to eat.

Feskekôrka is also a must visit in Gothenburg: a market hall dedicated to fish and placed in a chapel-like building. Actually its name says it all, which literally translated means “fish church”. Here seafood lovers will be delighted with freshly-caught local seafood shops and restaurants.

You can also enjoy the best Swedish cuisine in the different events and festivals dedicated to the food that take place in Gothenburg during the year. The Global Picnic Food Festival is one of the upcoming festivals: from 22nd-23rd August the Kanaltorget square will become a food market with exciting dishes from around the world.

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